A look at my pre-baby times into post-popo era

A look at my pre-baby times into post-popo era

peter cedros

Raised in a close-knit faith-based clan, I grew up with deeply embedded South Trinidadian roots; initially living in the sleepy village of Coromandel in my early days, and then moving with the family business to the semi-bustling oil town of Point Fortin.

School days saw me thriving on good books with a thirst for the European classics and the Caribbean contemporaries. Those pages inspired my existence with the old romantic values of heroism and chivalry, and fired it with ideas of progression, non-conformity, expressionism and adventurism. I fell in love with life’s romanticism and its physical and cultural landscapes; revering God, nature and the human existence.

Evidently, as a hopeless romantic with my naive big head in the clouds, I never really had any one particular plan for my life. I enrolled into university with the intention of pursuing a law degree, but my ethnographic tendencies led me to pursue the field of humanities wherein my communicative and creative being was nurtured, and my archaeological passions birthed.


It was during this wild, intellectual experience, that I met my betrothed— the wonderfully eccentric and socially atypical father of my children. It was a match unlike any other; a slightly egotistical but kind-hearted Christian nerd-girl who championed justice and danced to life at her own quirky uncoordinated but happy-go-lucky rhythm;  coupled with a cool and quietly rebellious macho-man, who was an unconventional and liberal closet genius with a love for everything green. Noone thought it would last; not even us initially—but it has; bumpily but lovingly so.


I graduated with an upper second class double major in Communication Studies and History from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. I entered the family biz, relishing the entrepreneurial authority and flexibility, and after a few months I enrolled for my MBA, fuelled with big dreams for big business and travel.

Empowered with good socio-economic privileges, I had grown up as a semi-spoiled child with not a clue about how to cook anything but breakfast or to do any household chore or related task. I  adopted a self-professed “winged” personality, and became a free-spirited travel and adventure junkie who sought to explore the world and revolutionize it. I wanted to live with Amazonian tribes (loincloths and all), skydive above continental borders, serve as a missionary in China, run through Montserrat’s “exclusion zone”, spear-fish Lapu-Lapu in the Phillipines, and get paid to gorge on bizarre foods like Andrew Zimmern; all whilst simultaneously running business conglomerates off course. In my own backyard or on the soil of another country, I lived every day as a God-given adventure.

That semi-nomadic epoch came to an abrupt end with an unscheduled but even more magnificent development; the successive birth of two vivacious bundles of joy aptly nicknamed the “whoopsie” babies. Quickly jumping into marriage, and fraught with the mundane tasks of wife-hood and motherhood, my life became centred on the never-ending needs of the new pint-sized persons. Gone were my old days of solitary contemplation in the bush and exciting travel with my maiden family, replaced now by frequent diaper changes and treks to the paediatrician and play parks.  Enter the boys… Death to the old carefree freedom, and birth of the era of wonderfully rewarding responsibility…

Unfazed, I eagerly looked on as the boy’s grew personalities. A funky fresh genetic mix of two social anomalies, they swiftly became distinctive, quirky, and thoughtful personas, who demonstrated a love for exploration, adventure and anything on wheels. With bundles of high energy and a predisposition for ingenious mischief, these droll and vivacious little men have made my life a reality-comedy steeped with hilarious bloopers and memorable misadventures.


My boys have added to my life; multiplying its meaning by a million times. With every passing day, I’m awed by the vast capriciousness of it all: and I am deeply thankful for God’s steadying hand and comical nature.


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