About frizzle fowl

Hello you,

Welcome to my blog!

Based on my own clumsy life experiences, this little semi-biographical commentary is dedicated to parental subject matter and social observations.

I am an educator and entrepreneur by profession, a wife by preference, and a mother of two vivacious little boys by occupation. I grew up as a semi-spoiled child with not a clue about how to cook or do a single household chore, and, by the budding age of twenty-three, had unwittingly thrown myself into wonderfully chaotic mommyhood.

Why the name Frizzlefowl you say?

frizzle fowl

Well for one, it describes my notorious and hopelessly untamed hair—a crazy, sparse, stringy mop-thing on my head; the product of centuries of racial inter-breeding from members of every contributing ethnic clan to Trinidad’s history…a “callalloo” they call me, a gal whose “frizzle-fowl” hair epitomises the Caribbean melting pot.


On a deeper note, this is one of my nicknames coined by those who know me best as it also describes my persona. When I was younger, I wanted to be everything, and now that I’m older, I still want to be everything! A personal goal  is to be a jack-of-all trades and master of all. And understandably, in this pursuit—I’m always busy, always ruffled, a bit unorthodox and a whole bit nutty.

In Caribbean lexicon, the term “fowl” is usually used to mean a hen; the female chicken. Stand-outish qualities of these popularly eaten poultry is that they protect and fuss about their chicks. I identify with this cluckish characteristic through my own strong maternal love for my pickneys (both biological and surrogate) and a strong sense of communal responsibility. I loathe injustice and oppression and am a fierce protector of the outcasts and the more vulnerable groups in our society. Progression is an ideal that is highly prized by your truly, and I love to challenge archaic systems that stink of stagnation. My ultimate life goal is to be utilised as a vessel for God’s works, and I aspire to become a world changer. Mind you, with all these noble intentions I have no real detailed plan—I just wing it as it comes.

In the end all, I hope that my musings (coupled with my chronic comic misadventures) will provide you with entertaining and thought-provoking good reads that would encourage, refresh, and fire you up to face all the doo-doo life throws at you.

Thank you and I warmly encourage your feedback.



Janeen Rita Poon Kwong-Glenn


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