My top 10 picks: Fun ‘edu-aid’ gift ideas for pre-schoolers

frizzle fowl

So Christmas is right around d’ corner; sorrel is in season, poinsettia in bloom, and your tv overrun by every toy commercial imaginable.



kids in front of tv

Lots of us do pre-season shopping to avoid the usual hustling, and some have already started searching for gifts for the pickneys. Personally, my gift credo is to always put some educational toys in the mix, and mind you, educational does not have to be boring. So why not give your Christmas bucks the best bang in a fun and wholesome manner that wouldn’t rot your child’s brain?

Here are my picks for best edu-fun gifts (in no particular order):


1)  Subscription to abcmouse.com

This is an exceptional teaching aide website that’s proving to be tons of fun for my boys, and an incredible tool for lesson reinforcement. It offers thousands of available and fun activities with customized learning paths at $60 USD annually; which is a comparative…

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