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Conversations with my boys: New Year’s Resolutions

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After a lengthy discussion about New Years’ resolutions, and the concept of time, I asked my boys to tell me what they wanted my New Years’ resolutions to be. Plopping my four-year old down on my lap we began the conversation…

Me: “Tiri, what should Mama’s resolutions be this year?”

Tiriel: “To correct me kindly.”

Me (disparagingly mortified and pausing to reflect upon the insinuations of the honest statement): “What if you do not listen to me?”

Tiriel: “Then sit on me.”

Me: “And if that doesn’t work, then what?”

Tiriel: “Wrap me up in something so I cannot move.”

Me (chuckling): “I think that’s a good idea. Anything else?”

Tiriel: “Mama your news years’ resolutions should be to take fish from the ocean and take care of them. Take care of everybody and every animal.”

Me: “Anything else?”

Tiriel: “Do the things I tell you to do.”

Me (chuckling): “And?”

Tiriel: “Make pictures and hang them up.”

Me (resolving to get back into my art): “What about my job. You still want Mummy to be a teacher?”

Tiriel: “Don’t be a teacher. Start being a boss.”


Feeling gratified, enlightened, and a bit awed by the previous exchange, I turn to my three year old…

Me: “Ok Jediah. Your turn. What should Mummy’s resolutions be this year? What promises should I make?”

Jediah: “I want you to….jump like an angry bird!”

Me (giggling): “And?”

Jediah: “Squash like a monster truck.”

Me: “What else?

Jediah: “Give me an eye test.”

Me (fuzzily thinking how randomly cute these answers are): “A serious one Jedge.

Jediah: “Carry me Tobago; one, two, three, four times.”

Me (loving the idea and mentally placing it as a budgeted necessity): “Jediah, one last one. Anything you tell Mummy to do I will do it.”

Jediah: “Play all the time.”

Me (remembering to ditch my workaholic tendencies): “That’s all?”

Jediah (absent-mindedly sauntering away): “Uh hmm.”


After reflecting on the inertly profound conversation with my boys about their well-placed desires for me in 2014, I determine to do exactly as they suggested. I then turn the attention to the the boys themselves and ask them about their own resolutions….

Me: “So Wiggy, what are your new years’ resolutions now?”

Tiriel: “To be good. And my ‘relo-vution’ is that when Jeje is not listening to me I will arrest him.”

Me: “And?”

Tiriel: “And to take care of angels. And take care of trucks and sharkies and foxes.”

Me (truly tickled by the imaginative answer): “What do you want to be?”

Tiriel:  “I want to be a trimmer and trim the trees.”

Me: “What again?”

Tiriel (with firm resolution): “Trimming trees is the only one. And I am finished.”

Turning to Jediah….

Me: “Diah, your turn. What do you want to do?”

Jediah (chanting): “Angry bird. Angry birds. An-gry birds.”

Me: “Oh Jedge! What are your resolutions?”

Jediah (giggling): “A bumblebee, a bumblebee, a bum-ble- bee.”

Me: “Are you going to be good or naughty?”

Jediah (with a wide grin): “Naughty.”

Me (with feigned horror): “What?”

Jediah (giggling): “Good. But mummy Tiriel is taking over my truck set.”

And so it ends. The precious little conversation with my popos that does me the world of good by setting me on the right track for the rest of the year.



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