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Lost your Mojo? Bring that smexy mama back!

On becoming a parent, many of us experience the common phenomenon of lost-glamour. Gone are the days of glorious self-pampering, replaced now, quite literally by Pampers.

From this…
To this..


Relaxation becomes a novelty. Fabulous, flirty cocktails are replaced by hot, frumpy cups of comfort tea. Our ‘us’ cash becomes ‘their’ cash, and treks to our favourite fashion boutiques or indulging spas are now shelved in favour of supermarket runs and napzzz.

I have always advocated (and will still continue to do so) that beauty lies within and it is determined by your own self-confidence.


You can rock anything, once you feel like a rockstar. But in actuality, after years of total exhaustion, and feeling more like actual rock than a rockstar, I’ve come to the conclusion that we moms need our perkiness to be revived. We need to resummon our mojo, and dig deep for that inner sexified, (yes, I’ll say it)… MILF!!!!

My story? Remember Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? I moved from the ravishing but eccentric head-up-in-clouds Belle to become the scatter-brained and quaintly rounded Mrs. Potts…


As a young mother, I can quite honestly say that I had lost my mojo for some years. But, after hitting these uncharacteristic sluggish and low-confidence tides, I did some self-searching and found my mojo back; my way.

So, here are my tips for all you busy and undercover-sexy Mamas out there:

1)      Pump yourself up mentally.

Maternity does not define you. You define you. Embrace your smexiness…stretch marks, cellulite, extra fat and all. Our post baby bods are curvilious, and the cool thing is that bodies are bodies. They’re all unique bits of art. And, as with all art, you yourself can form it into whatever you wish it to be!


(For those who want to tune up but feel too busy to, have a read>)

 2)      Do not neglect personal grooming!

Even being the semi-non-conformist that I am, I draw my line here and personally subscribe to certain social conventions. Like getting rid of all prominent manly facial hair.


If you’re anything like me, pregnancy would have altered your body, and hair would have begun to sprout up in the most public and unwanted places. Wax, pluck, shave, depilatory cream… just destroy it! And yes, follow up with that annoying maintenance. Some believe armpit hair is a choice… well girl, do whatever floats your boat! Again> it’s your own perception of what beauty entails.

3)      Rekindle your make-up love affair.

I’m not a fan of overdone looks, but I’ll confess… I love the idea of using my face as a blank canvas and make-up as my palette!

Of course, no need to be this dramatic!

If you have not the slightest clue how to begin, and don’t have the extra cash to enroll in professional make-up artistry courses; just google these two words:- “Michelle Phan.”

Or, if you adore the au natural way, go for it!

4)      Invest in yourself.

Yes. I get it. With the addition of our adorable financial burdens :P, we are always broken. Think about it as mummy’s incentives, and put aside a little bit at a time, or simply get that significant other to pay for the entire thing! (Lord knows you deserve it!). Buttery body washes, sumptuous creams, trendy nail art, luxurious lipsticks…whatever turns you on ladies! Oh, and be sure to sexy-lingerie it away!


 5)      Be fabulous whenever, wherever and however.

Don’t wait for glitzy events because with our ram-packed schedules, you know they’re rare to find. Instead, get your glam on and do whatever will make you feel confident and beautiful. Simple things will go a long way! For instance, for my extremely short anniversary getaway, I ditched my usual flip flops and only packed my favourite wedges (a gorgeous pair with a black, floral, vintage design). I walked all over with them, even on sandy beaches, and I felt amazing!

Sweaty, greasy, but still-fabulous me on a recent pre-school fieldtrip to the woods 🙂

 6)      Make your frizzle fashionable.

Find your own solutions. For instance, at my home putting on nailpolish without smudging is impossible, so I simply conceal the mess with a coat of glitter or Krackle, or (if it’s still wet) I press thumbprints on it (call me crazy, but it looks cool). I also let my boys muck it up when they’re being antsy, and then remove the excess polish around the nails to rock it as grunge (yeah, I’m cool like that :P).


Bad hair? The story of my life… Glam it up with fashionable hairclips or grabbers, or simply hide it with a super-chic hat!


 7)      Do a professional glam photo-shoot.

It is incredibly important to document your good-looks at various stages; you know for vain, historic legacy purposes :P. But seriously, when you’re feeling your frumpiest, taking a look back at your fabulous self can do wonders for your self-confidence!


So there you have it; generic but applicable tips about getting your groove back.

Now say this to yourself:

“I am (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE) and I am one shagadelic lady!”


2 thoughts on “Lost your Mojo? Bring that smexy mama back!”

  1. I’m 54 with 9 kids and 4 grandkids. Recently I had this revelation that you have been speaking of here.Began thinking about how to go about it. Thanks for re-enforcing my revelation. I NEED to get my MOJO back for ME


    1. You go girl! I’ve mad respect for women like you! 9 kids and 4 grands? You’re definitely a super-woman! Btw, I took a peek at your fb profile pic (in a non creepy way of course :P), and you are one gorgeous grandma! I think it’s you who should be sharing beauty tips here…no mamaguy 🙂


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