Conversations with the boys

Conversations with my boys: Why people fight for countries…#truth

Tiriel: “Mummy why do people fight for countries?”

Me: “Hmm. Well think about it. They do it for the same reasons you fight for toys.”

Tiriel: “Yeah. I understand them. No one likes to share.”

Me (Feigning mortification but secretly dying inside): “But isn’t it better to share?”

Tiriel: “Well, it’s like when Daniel Tiger- see, his friend the white tiger had this really cool set of science toys. And when they went on a picnic, he didn’t want to give the toys back to his friend- the white girl tiger. When you love (something) too much it’s hard to share. Noone likes to share.”

Jediah (With adorable, and misplaced, self-righteous conviction): “I like to share!”

Me (Giggling): “See! Jeje likes to share!”

Tiriel (Watching us ‘cut-eye’, and then loudly breaking out in harmonious song): “Noone likes to share…..noone likes to share…NOONE LIKES TO SHARE…”





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