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Congratulations to Pastor Dewrena Bhagoutie, 1st winner of The Alese Awards- for beautiful souls!

Congratulations to Pastor Dewrena Bhagoutie, the 1st winner of The Alese Awards- for beautiful souls!!!

We’re all truly inspired by her contributions, and are very pleased to give this unsung heroine the appreciation she deserves! Nominated by Amos Isiah Jaglal, see the original post here>>>
(221 likes: Friday May 30th 2014 at 11.59pm GMT)Special homage to all our other Alese nominees, you are all truly “beautiful souls” and we thank you for your good works and benevolent contributions to humankind. You remain our heroes!!!:
Ebi Kelvin George (nominated by Jus Jodi)
+ Riaz Ali (nominated by Arlena Mohammed Ali)
+ Emiliya Ramoutar (nominated by Rufat Ahmadov)
+ Ahsrama Agui (nominated by Shivani Petal Seemungal)
+ Kemba Radhay (nominated by Kwesi-Paul THomas)

Thank you all for your wonderful participation and support in this venture! Stay logged in for our next Alese Awards installment!

Your Frizzle Fowl


Original post:

Amos Isiah Jaglal‎ > Frizzle Fowl #thealeseawards

“I nominate Pastor Dewrena Bhagoutie ………….. my pastor, mentor and spirtual mother.
~ she wakes up everymorning at 3am praying for our church and those in need.
~ she would go from siparia to debe to st madeline to barrackpore to credos and mondeablo giving out hampers
~ she has counseled many together with her husband Pastor Joel Henderson Bhagoutie
~ full-time mother, intercessor and pastor
~ she would stand up for those who are too quiet to speak
~ she would stand up to those want to take advantage of others
~ she has a heart for the widows, orphans, and the poor, offering help to them anywhere and anytime …………”



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