Conversations with the boys, Raisin Pickneys

Conversations with my boys: A collection of cute quips from toddler days

Conversations with my boys

On the drive home…

Jeje: “My tummy is speaking to me.”

Mom-Mom: “Why is your tummy speaking to you?”

Jeje: “My tummy is speaking ’cause I am hungry.”


Conversations with my boys

During their morning’s bubble bath, the boys and I were having fun with animal sounds…

Me: “Jeje, what sound does a duck make?”

Jediah: “Quack! QUACK!”

Me: “And what sound does a baby duckling make?”



Conversations with my boys

Me (presenting two small, non-pricky cacti to the boys): “Here are your baby plants for agriculture. Now you have to take care of them!”

Tiriel: “I want to give it milkie and rock it in the hammock!”

After my explanations about baby plants needing water and sunlight to grow big and strong (note I carelessly did not explain that plants need to stay still), the determined little one still managed to sneak baby cactus away to rock it in the hammock. And of course, baby cactus fell off the hammock and out the pot, and Dr. Mummy was left to clean up most of the mess and fix baby cactus’ boo-boos…


Conversations with my boys

Me: “Ok, so because we’re doing things that start with the letter ‘B’, let’s go bathe in your blue bathtubs, with blue waters and bubbles, using water balloons!”

Jediah: “Yah!”

A very random Tiriel wiggles and declares: “Uh hmmm, and I have a BIG head!”


Conversations with my boys

Hurricane Jediah, now in his terrible twos took his box of raisins and scattered it into his alphabet soup which he then poured unto his table. He was promptly buckled into the naughty chair and was left to contemplate his demeanour…

Me: “Jeje, are you going to be a good boy now?”

Jediah: “No, I am not.”
Me: “Why not?”
Jediah: “Because I am not a boy, I am a baby!”


 Conversations with my boys

The following act of high treason occurred during a puppet show staged at home behind a couch. The brilliant show featured an eclectic cast of characters including the Frog Prince, Cookie Monster, and two audience members Tiriel and Jediah.

Act 14, Scene 7: Enter Tiriel who gives the poor and perpetually hungry Cookie Monster some cookies from the royal kitchen.
Frog Prince: “Tiriel, for your act of kindness towards Cookie Monster, I will make you a Prince.”

Tiriel: “No. You will make me King and you will buy me a crown.”

Jediah: “Yeah, me too!”

And so began the reign of King Tiriel and his little brother Jediah (also a King).


Conversations with my boys

Me: (Pointing to Rico, one of the Penguins of Madagascar) “Gigi, what’s that?”

Jediah: (Pausing with a determined little frown) “Panda chicken.”

And thus it came to pass that the then one year old, through his impressive skill of association, aptly coined a new name for the little flightless bird (previously classified the Penguin specie of the Aves Spheniscidae family).


Conversations with my boys
Me: “Tiri, what do you want to eat—macaroni and cheese?”

Tiriel: “No.”

Me: “Do you want spaghetti?”

Tiriel: “No.”

Me: “Noodles?”

Tiriel: “No.”

Me: “Wantons?”

Tiriel: “No.”

Me: “Popcorn chicken?”

Tiriel: “No.”

Me: “So what do you want to eat?”

Tiriel: “Tiri want to eat dinosaurs…”

And so began the age of the Tirisaur—ultimate carnivore and dinobal (eater of fellow dinosaurs) — or at least potato wedges shaped, amateurishly by mummy, like dinosaurs…


Conversations with my boys

Narrator on a musical/story CD: “Where do you think the dinosaurs went?”

Tiriel: “They got lost.”
Me: “How did they get lost?”

Tiriel: “They went for a walk and disappeared.”

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